A message to Celine

Life can be tugh sometimes but remember, even the most hard winter has an end.
A tree lost its leafs a several times, but nothing can easily break down the root.
Your root is well planted, you just have to calm down and feel it. There is an wonderful connection with you right now and forever. This connection comes from a truly love.
One heart never stops beating while other heart feel it alive.
I know that your house seems empty... I know that your stomach aches every single time you have to aproach the wardrobe... I know that some photographs, and messages, and videos are hard to see... This missing feeling will be forever, but it will come to a point that this same missing will not hurt you anymore. Someday all the pieces will be together, believe in me.
Pray for peace. Sing. Write. Let the internal rose grow.
Your voice achieves the sky and crosses frontiers.
You'll never be alone. Be okay.




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