Only You

There is a feeling deep inside my soul
And no one can tell me what to do.
Since there is no way to drop it off
My only option is to accept it as a misterious gift from You.

Seems like all my words have thorns...
Even the most beautiful and sincere ones 
Can leave big scars in beloved hearts.

Sorry is so easy to say
And so difficult to forgive...
But please, stay
Only You can understand the way I live.

Only You have the perfect faith in me
Only You can cure my deceptions
Only You can show me the true way
Only You have my entire connections.

My bare feet wants the vivacity of green fields
My naked hands wants the warm sun
My lips needs Your shield
And my soul needs Your bun.

Let me look by Your eyes
And see the greatness of life
As a lovely rose that makes me realize
Everything comes from Your light!


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